'Tis the Season: Profondo Rosso

Last night I made Borscht courtesy of a recipe provided by my best gal, Genevieve. It looked so pretty going into my vintage enamel Dansk pot that I had to take a picture before it turned into a deep red slop!


Now, I have never been the color red's biggest fan, especially when used in interior decorating (too dark!!)... but the color of chopped beets has always made me swoon a bit. I think the Holidays tend to assault me with the color red so much that I feel I'm okay without it for the rest of the year. Cooking borscht got me wondering... do I like the color red? I decided to challenge myself to find 10 red things I liked. After scouring the internet with searches like "red hair," "red modern," "red food," and just plain "red," I decided on "Yes, I do like red. In moderation. And you know what? Maybe I just don't like the Holidays." Here are eleven more reds I do like:

1. 70's Bill Blass Dress @ Maiden Rapture Vintage.... 2. Ruby Crystals.... 3. Bar sign in San Francisco, my own photo.... 4. Vivienne Westwood.... 5. 80's Boots @ Maiden Rapture Vintage.... 6. Golden Gate Bridge.... 7. Wool Hooded Coat with Rabbit Trim @ Lion's Den Vintage.... 8. Joanne's Red Tights, my own photo.... 9. Conan!!!.... 10. A glass of Malbec.... 11. Modern Classic Chanel Bag

What do YOU like that's red?




Internet Creep said...

You just have the cutest blog ever, huh?

genevieve said...

I love this post...I'll be looking for my fave reds today!

(And making my own self some borscht!)

Maiden Rapture said...

I am guessing that "Internet Creep" is Jacob. Am I right? Thanks for the inspiring recipe, Gen! :)