Sea, Sex, and Sun

Here's a sweet little mini-film my boyfriend and I made of our 2 week vacation to Tulum and Isla Mujeres in Mexico. It's always been my dream to be paid to travel... Maybe we will start our own travel channel some day. :)


Dan & Desiree in the Yucatan from Dan Kim on Vimeo.

New stuff coming to the shop in the next week. I'm so sorry for my absence in the blogosphere lately... but I'm back, inspired, and ready to kick ass!



Secret Shop said...

Wowwwww. That was great.
What video camera did you use for that?

Maiden Rapture said...

we used an olympus stylus tough 8000. it's just a point and shoot, but it's brand new... they are finally starting to build regular old cameras that can handle the elements!

s-ee-am said...

Your video is awesome but I don't think you're sposed to use hemorrhoid comfort donuts for floating through mangrove swamps. Didn't you read the instructions?

Maiden Rapture said...

hi sam. it was mandatory b/c we were at a water park.