craigslist diaries: a cautionary tale of mixing rompers with cocktails


to the man who walked in on me sitting on the toilet buck naked - w4m (Savoy)

afterwards, while you were walking out and i screamed "it's a romper!" at you, my companion pointed out to me that you are a man and probably have no clue what a "romper" is. so, to fill you in, a romper is not a one-off sexual encounter with a random naked stranger in a public restroom. a romper is a one-piece item of clothing, it's basically a dress with a crotch. see, when a lady typically has to pee, shorts alone are fine because you can pull them down, and dresses alone are fine because you can pull them up, but rompers require that she fully disrobe unless she wants to soil her outfit. in my frantic haste of urgently having to pee and knowing that there was quite a bit of unbuttoning standing between me and relief, i guess i didn't push the lock in all the way. oops.

so that, dear sir, is why i was naked and why the door was unlocked. i hope that my folly was as amusing to you as it was to me, but i apologize if it only freaked you out.

  • Location: Savoy
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genevieve said...


violinfelon said...

OMG. This is solid gold. SOLID. GOLD. LOL

me melodia said...

This has happened to me!


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Emily Katz said...

that is totally hilarious, and as a romper wearer, I understand these implications intimately!!!