My god where comes your genes???

I stumbled across this video on YouTube today...

A few things I love about this video:
1. That teenage girl is SO adorable and confident!
2. All those boys are WAY shorter than her.
3. None of the boys have any clue how to respond.
4. Everyone is awkward and geeky.

This hilarious comment was under the video:
"Mine would be like this: "Do you know where you're accent come from?? Is beautiful!!"
or "My god where comes your genes??"
or "I would join you to shopping!!!!

You know they like shopping!!!"

Pretty clever, dude!!! I don't even have to sarcastically ask if you thought those ones up yourself!

I was obsessed with pick up lines in high school, too. I used to carry around a huge list of them that I printed out off the internet. It was a good, sneaky way to flirt with boys by showing them that list. Not that they were interested. Hmpf!


PS Do you have a quarter? 'Cause I told my mama I'd call her when I fell in love.


Little Gray Pixel said...

Haha. Too funny. The only one ever used on me was in gym class after we ran a mile. The boy said: "Are your legs tired? Cuz you've been running through my mind all day."

Needless to say, we didn't date. ;-)

Maiden Rapture said...

You're like, "Actually, yeah, my legs ARE tired... 'cause I just ran a fucking mile!"

molly said...

oh my god! i love that girl...she looks like so much fun
haha those boys were all so awkward, it was hilarious!