Does Twitter creep anyone else out? Why not just start a REAL blog? Does anyone really need to know anyone else's play by play moments throughout the day? And I thought Facebook was a little too stalkerish/weird. I dunno.... Jus' sayin'....



violinfelon said...

I KNOW! More than being creepy, I think it's just kind of dumb. "I'm going to the bathroom" WHO CARES!?

genevieve said...

Be careful what you pooh-pooh. Remember when you were in high school and you laughed at bellbottoms? Remember when you were like "I will NEVER wear flats, they give you fat ankles!!"? Remember when you were like "PLEATED PANTS??? EW!!!" Remember talking shit on Friendster?

I have money on it that you have a Twitter by the end of the week.

genevieve said...

I mean, remember when it used to feel weird talking on a cell phone inside??

Maiden Rapture said...

YES!!! i first got a cell phone when i was 24!! that's like 104 in teenage years!! 8 year olds get cell phones now.

and, no, i will not do a twitter. it's just too much. i hardly ever even check my facebook.

AND NO, i never laughed at bellbottoms in highschool, 'cause i was wearin' that shit! i think it was junior high when i laughed at them. so there.

and.... i'm still not super keen on flats, but i'm gettin' old. mama's gotta give her cankles a rest!!!!

and... i do love pleated pants now, but my ass is waaaaay too big to ever look good in some pleated pants. you sure look good in them, though!!!!

i do admit that i am a huge fan of TONS of contemporary music these days.... which i did pooh-pooh HARDCORE back in the millennium days.


twitter can still suck it.