So, this just in from the rumor mill: My friend Sohale Kevin Darouian may soon be helping me with branding Maiden Rapture Vintage! Everything from logos, blog/shop banners, and business cards, to a background for my new twitter account. Kevin is an innovative graphic artist who lives here in Portland. He designs band posters, album artwork, etc. and he RULES it! There's no one with style like Kevin, and if there is... well they stole it from him. He is a rare talent! A visionary! I cannot wait to see what he creates for me. I'm literally squirming in my seat.

Anyway... Right now I'm trying to come up with some sort of direction to turn him in or inspirations for him to draw from when he creates the artwork for Maiden Rapture Vintage.

I've been word associating all day....

Maiden: female, feline, femininity, coy, innocence, perceived innocence, long flowing hair, curls of hair, waves of hair, lolita, femme fatale, statuesque, grecian goddess, damsel, nouveau, deco, vintage, antique, coquettish, flowers, siren, perfume, vanity, and my favorite: mermaid.

Rapture: eroticism, nighttime, dancing, disco, holiness, divinity, nirvana, embrace, sun/moon, elation, floating, levitation, glory, magic, enchantment, heaven, sex, sexuality, trance, ecstacy, secrets, seeing stars, BLISS.




What do the words "Maiden Rapture" mean to you?


Images from here, here, here, and here.

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