Kitten's Log, Caturday 2009

Fulfilling a childhood dream, I picked this little kitten out of a box of free kittens sitting in a grocery cart outside of a grocery store. She was crawling with fleas, full of worms, and covered in urine and feces... her energy level was so low, I thought we might lose her after the stress of her flea bath that first night! Now that she's clean and flea and worm free, she's all attitude and sass and she's doubled in size since we brought her home! It's been really nice to have a little teeny baby around to mother and love... For the time being, it has placated my ticking maternal clock, thank GOD! I am so NOT ready for any little monsters yet, no matter what my body is telling me. Kitty to the rescue!

Here's our little Purr-bot today:



Oh, they just grow up so fast, don't they? Next thing you know, we'll be buying a mini-van.


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