Date Night

At least once a week my boyfriend and I have Date Night. Sometimes we go out, but mostly we just pop a movie in the DVD player, eat ungodly amounts of food, and snuggle up in bed. Last night we ate Ratatouille from the local organic grocery store and watched Badlands....


Badlands enthralled me. It turned me upside down and shook me. It was as beautiful as it was fu**ed up. It was as enchanting as it was chilling. The dance scene to "Love Is Strange," in the woods below their tree house hideout was wonderfully surreal, sickly sweet, and far too short. I could have watched Martin Sheen's slow herky-jerky hip shake for hours. I loved this movie. Everything about it. It held my attention from beginning to end. Rent it!!!!!!!! (It goes well with Ratatouille, btw.)


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