Beach Haus

Peace out, suckas! The boyf and I are off to a sweet beach house in Neskowin, Oregon for the weekend. I expect it will be a lot like this:




With a little bit of this for good measure:

1. "I'll Wait" by Barbra Ziemer Photo on Etsy. Her photography is lovely and I advise you check it out.
2. My own photo taken at the same beach house 2 years ago.
3. John Rawlings photo for Vogue, 1943. Graciously provided by MyVintageVogue who has a seriously enviable collection of vintage photos.
4. Music Video for "Heart of Chambers" by the band Beach House.

We'll probably do a lot of eating, a lot of sleeping, a lot of drinking, a lot of laughing, and a little bit of thrifting.....Please forward all sympathy cards to The Beach House. :)


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genevieve said...

I think that's me in that big ass hat.