Long Time A'Comin'

I've been wanting to see the band Brightblack Morning Light play a show for a really long time now!!!! I was a huge fan a long time ago when they went by the name "Rainywood" and toured with Bonnie Prince Billy. They even did a split 7" with him that I will forever regret that I did not buy, as it was only available on the tour. Their B-Side song on that 7" was "Cornflower Blue," a cover of a Kate Wolf song that Kate Wolf could only wish was her own interpretation. My roommate bought a copy, but needless to say, 7 years have passed, we are no longer roommates and I am left wanting! In any case, it was gorgeous.

So. Yes. Anyway. 7 years later after following their roller coaster of a musical career, I'm going to see them play tomorrow night at Holocene. I doubt any Rainywood songs will be played, but if they play their Brightblack HIT then I will surely be happy:

and... WOW. what else can i say about this video but HUBBA HUBBA? Being the gossip loving nerd that I am, I'll admit to being addicted to reading the comments left under youtube videos. My two favorite comments under this video:

"well hot dog!"


"amazing band
i dont really get this vid tho
its like shes fucking from the perspective of the viewer
in other words... shes fucking the viewer
shits wack"

God bless youtube.

Holocene tomorrow night? Ok, me too!


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I am in love.