(Dress Mimics) Art Mimics Life

So I've been drooling over this McQ Alexander McQueen dress for a few weeks, trying to figure out what organs I could sell off to come up with the money for it (does anybody actually know what a spleen does? Do we really need them?).


Oh, lovely, lovely, pretty little poppet...... and then! Whilst trolling the net yesterday I stumbled upon this poster!


Is it a coincidence? Or is it a sign that this dress wants to be mine? I'd actually like to own both the poster and the dress so I could stand in front of the poster and be totally camouflaged with only my blinking eyes standing out against the colorful fan shapes. You know, just like in the cartoons.



Little Gray Pixel said...

LOL. That dress is awesome! I fully understand your desire to wear it.

Maiden Rapture said...

yeah, i have a hardcore crush on it!