Pleasing Pairs; My Top Etsy Favorites of the Moment

Seeing as how it's practically impossible to get your treasury posted to the front page of Etsy, I decided to take matters into my own hands and post my so-obviously-would-be-front-page-etsy-treasury on the front page of my blog instead! Yes, for all four of my readers to enjoy. Instead of making a treasury proper, I took my favorites from Etsy and put them into aesthetically pleasing pairs.


1. Hand carved fossil Mammoth Ivory Feathers from LightYearsVintage
2. Crocheted and knitted Tree Ghosts from Knitalatte


1. Mushrooms Mini Print set by JessicaDoyle
2. 70's Dansk Pitcher from Vindeelyndee


1. 14K gold Quail foot ring from Aubergine228
2. "People I Used to Know" Layered Papercut from Crafterall


1. 50's Hermes 2-tone suede gloves
2. 70's Mink and suede gloves, both from BackThennishVintage


1. 70's Round woven leather purse from VintageShouting
2. Handmade round woven purse from BiChen


1. "The Keeper" Print of a Papercut from FablesandFoxes
2. 80's buffalo check pants from Paddywaak


1. Finnish Birch Circles Table from MichaelArras
2. 30's Citrine Glass and Gilt Necklace from WYWSupplies


1. "Foks" fox shaped scarf from Celapiu
2. "Nothing Important" Fine Art Photo from LittleGrayPixel

God god, that took forever. Time to eat and be *merry.


*get drunk and watch LOST.


M. B. Karger said...

Ooooo - I've been eyeing that table for a long time too. Yum. And youfr footnote cracked me up. Thanks for posting my papercut.:)

Little Gray Pixel said...

Oooo -- all your favorites are right up my alley! I love the tree ghosts and the table. (Not to mention the Nothing Important print; thanks for the shoutout!)

Margie Oomen said...

What a lovely post filled with lovely things.
I loved the last line
Very apropos as I just watched lost and oh ya I am sipping on Shiraz.

Maiden Rapture said...

it was malbec for me! :)

WendyB said...

The fox scarf is awesome.