Bigfoot is alive and well and resides here in Portland, Oregon. She goes by the name of Desiree and she love thrift shopping. Usually Desiree's feet are too, well, BIG for the lovely vintage shoes she finds. Normally that's okay, because for being a Bigfoot, she does have an unnaturally large shoe collection anyway. But the boots Bigfoot found recently are anything from normal.... behold:



They are a size 7 1/2. Bigfoot is a size 9 1/2. Poor Bigfoot will never be able to embrace her inner disco stripper.

Okay, enough of the talking in third person, I'm annoying myself. I listed them on Ebay and they end in a couple hours. If any of you petite feet havin' girls out there need them you can find them here.

Well, boots, I guess this is goodbye.



genevieve said...

Nice price!

Little Gray Pixel said...

Awesome score! They wouldn't fit my big feet, either, but at least now your bank account is bigger ... haha.