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I am looking for new socks and tights right now because all of mine are in a sad state. Seriously, I never wear matching socks, and if I do, they belong to Dan who is starting to get a little over protective of his carefully matched and folded socks (though in stark contrast, he doesn't seem to give two sh**s about his holey undies). Also, I don't know what my problem is, but I can't wear tights more than three times without snagging them. Sad. Anyway, I went shopping a few days ago on what might be the only day I've taken off in months and found nothing. NOTHING. Gawd. So, naturally, I plopped my ass down in front of the computer for some virtual retail therapy. Here is what I found. I have yet to purchase.

These 4 lovely pairs are from Sock Dreams. Turns out their shop is in Portland, mere blocks from my house!! Maybe I will stop by this weekend?

Betsey Johnson Peek-A-Boo Shorties and Polonova Floral Lace Trouser Socks.Photobucket

E.G. Smith's Leg Therapy Solids in "Moss," and Danish MP Cable Stitch Tights.Photobucket

The next group are all available through My Tights.

Emilio Cavallini Collar and Button Ankle Highs. Methinks I MUST HAVE these for photos for Maiden Rapture Vintage.Photobucket

All 4 of these are by Bebaroque and make my cry real tears for their gorgeousness as well as for their price tags.Photobucket




These 4 prints all come from tights available through Joy Of Socks.Photobucket

And finally, sequinned leggings that will probably not happen to me in my lifetime, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Alexander McqueenPhotobucket

Les ChiffonniersPhotobucket

Ok, off to steal more socks from Dan....


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violinfelon said...

I got several pairs of socks from Sock Dreams a few years ago when they first opened. I was satisfied with the fishnets that I purchased but as for the actual socks, they REALLY sucked. The pair of thigh high socks I got were really rough, thickly woven material, no shape in the foot and wouldn't stand up, pretty much all of the socks i got were similar. I was happy with the fishnets though. I'd definitely take a look at them before you buy though! Hopefully they've improved since then.