"When I Was Your Age...."

I recently received an email that made me smile. It was from a girl named Laura who purchased a 1950's turquoise sun dress from me through Maiden Rapture Vintage a couple of months ago.

"I was wearing a dress I bought from you the other day when an older woman pulled me aside to tell me how much she loved it. She told me it reminded her of something she wore when she was my age, and it was so nice to see people wearing clothes like that. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy, and I thought I'd share that with you :)


Well, I thought it was such a sweet story that it should be shared with everyone, not just me! I also asked Laura to send me a couple of pictures of her wearing the dress for the blog so we could see just what made that elderly woman so happy.



I love this dress with her dark hair, black tights, and high heeled oxfords! She looks beautiful, demure and perfectly accessorized. Thanks for sharing your story, Laura!


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Little Gray Pixel said...

What a lovely story! Plus, that dress is fierce ...