A Little Plaid Goes a Long Way....

Confession time. I'm always late to the party.... I've accepted the plaid trend. Finally. Kicking and screaming. I think it's weird that something I wore when I was a teenager is hip again. Now I know exactly how my mom felt when I started wearing bellbottoms around the time I was 14... horrified that I am getting older!!! But I've finally accepted that I should not write off poor plaid simply because it was trendy 12 years ago. Plaid has been around forever. It will always been around, even when it is not ├╝ber trendy, like it is right now. It is a wardrobe staple, a classic.

I'm still not a huge fan of all over plaid, or even flannel shirts... but lately I've been drawn to little touches of plaid. It makes a nice accent, no? Here's a few favorites I've found around the web lately:


Buffalo Plaid Cap from here.


80's Plaid Button Earrings from HeartFeltVintage.


Sterling Silver Plaid Ring by Nathan McPherson.


Nike "Jack Wool" Soaker Hi-Tops found here.

plaid grid

Clockwise from the top:
1. 70's Tartan Tunic Vest from Cloud Nine Vintage.
2. Yellow, blue, grey cashmink scarf found here.
3. 1950's Red Plaid Pumps from Ninth Avenue Vintage.
4. Yellow plaid socks via Chelsea's Girl Blog.
5. 80's Plaid accented bustier dress from VJones1.
6. Tartan Flats from RareTreasure.

And, just to contradict myself when I said I'm not one for all-over plaid, here are some looks from a Ralph Lauren 2008 runway show (borrowed from here) that I kind of love....


Well, it took me so long to make this blog post that plaid's probably not trendy anymore. Not that I would know because I am a curmudgeon. Moral of the blog: don't listen to me. Ever.

Rant: I think my original beef with the plaid trend was watching girls clamoring to bid against eachother on a styled up flannel shirt on Ebay that someone found at a thrift store for $1. The auctions would very often end at upwards of $100. Flannel shirts are in every thirft store across the country. They are not rare. They are not worth $100. I could go out and buy up a million plaid shirts and become an overnight billionaire if I wanted to (exaggeration), but I like to think I'm more discerning than that... I want the vintage I sell to be unique and interesting. Flannel shirts are not even that cute, not even with a belt! However, over time I have accepted that there is more to plaid than flannel shirts, it's just that that's what I was seeing everywhere on every hipster girl in town. To find the good kinds of plaid, you have to really dig for it. Or be very, very rich.


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Bree said...

my favorite plaid dress came from Local 35 this winter. so cute!!! somehow doesn't work as well in 80 degree LA as it did in portland tho. plaid screams winter in my opinion.